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A glorious nature shot.

Wow. What a wonderful image. And look! there are even more images on the right side. Amazing. If you click below, I bet you'll get teleported to a magical land.

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Check out this guy.

What an interesting looking person! I wonder if they've ever climbed Mount Everest, or seen the Egyptian Pyramids. If not, I hope that one day they get to. You go random stock image person! Follow your dreams!

That is one pretty building.

I once thought about becoming an architect. I wanted to create a house fit for a king. But then I failed maths. So I became a frontend developer instead.

The future is now.

Check out that technology! Imagine if we went back in time and put one of those in the hands of a neanderthal. Do you think they'd be impressed, or just try to club us to death?

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