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Expensive CameraWhy pay $200 to $400 for an action camera that gives you a first person view of your life?

Clip-A-Phone provides you with a simple solution to use your smart phone and mount it to your hat.  Your head provides the most stable platform for taking pictures from the first person view or recording video as your body naturally stabilizes your head in relation to your moving physical environment.

Whether you are a kid riding a bike, skateboarding or playing with your friends, Clip-A-Phone gives you a simple and economical way to record your adventures.  You can also use it for those camping, hiking and fishing trips where having your hands free is a must. Parents have also found it useful for recording their child's sporting events, birthday parties and even their babies first steps all while keeping there hands free!

Your World Through Your Eyes

With other first person camera systems you not only need to purchase multiple components, but you need to maintain an additional piece of technology in your life.

Smart Phone increased usage

People are ditching the extra digital camera equipment and favoring their smart phones to accomplish the same tasks.  By using your smart phone to give you a first person camera system you can carry less equipment around and you don't have to maintain another piece of equipment.  With the ever increasing sturdiness and camera resolutions available on smart phones these days, why pay for the same functionality twice with an additional camera system?

Clip-A-Phone Packaging


Clipaphone App

How Clip-A-Phone works?

  1. Begin by downloading the “Free App” in either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (depending upon you phones operating system).
  2. Then pair your phone with the Bluetooth Remote through the Clip-A-Phone App and hit the “Camera” button in the App to activate your phones camera.
  3. Next slide your phone into the Clip-A-Phone Clip (making sure to secure your phone with the strap) and then slide the Clip onto the brim of your hat.
  4. To take pictures or record video press the button on the remote associated with your smart phones operating system
  5. Click the button once to take a picture
  6. Click the button twice quickly to start recording a video (press the button again once to stop recording the video)

Clip-A-Phone provides an all in one solution to mount your smart phone on your hat, take a picture or video, share those photo’s/video’s in one product. All of this is available for a low MSRP of $19.99.

Product Specifications

E-5502 Clip-A-Phone Kit - Black
E-5526 Clip-A-Phone - Red
E-5533 Clip-A-Phone - White

Clipaphone Dimensions 


Remote Battery ReplacementRemote Specifications 





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