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Share the world as you see it with this easy to use and dependable accessory that turns your smart phone into your own personal cameraman! Record your vacations, take those unforgettable photo’s, all while keeping your hands free.

Press coverage
"Rather than spend $300 or more for a dedicated GoPro action camera, the makers of Clip-A-Phone recognize that your iPhone already has a great camera built in so why not leverage that and find a a place to mount your phone."
Review: If You Don't Mind Looking Goofy, Clip-A-Phone Is a Cheap GoPro Alternative
iPhone Life Magazine - March 02, 2016
"The Clip-A-Phone does exactly what its name implies. It's an accessory clips your phone to the brim of a hat and comes with a little Bluetooth remote that allows you to engage the shutter on your phone's camera. It has a free companion app."
Watch out GoPro, here comes the $20 Clip-A-Phone
cnet - January 05, 2016
"It secures your iPhone by clamping it into the mount and clip mechanism. The device’s Bluetooth remote controls the shutter on your phone’s camera. Press the button on the remote to start and stop video recording."
The coolest camera gear of CES 2016
Macworld - January 11, 2016
"Clip-A-Phone may not be a company you’ve heard of before, but it sure can be a product you could use at festivals."
Must Haves of CES 2016 for EDM fans
DJMAG.CA - January 08, 2016
"The Clip-A-Phone ships with a remote for Android and iOS enabling you to shoot images or video without looking at your phone once."
The Cheaper Go-Pro
EFTM - January 08, 2016
Family Choice Award - April 18, 2016
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